Subscription Info

Thanks for  interested in our lastest feature! We are offering a fashion subscription box to our customers. This will be a great way to update your wardrobe and discover new styles. We are offer clothing, accessiores, and other beauty products. 

Subscription Packages:
1. Silver Package: $25 per month
2. Bronze Package: $35 per month
3. Gold Package: $50 per month

Mandatory Actions:
- Create an account and sign in to access the full product.
- Fill out the birthday section on the order status page.
- Sign up for SMS and email marketing.


one-time buyer:

- Access to the subscription box for 30 days.
- Receive a one-time credit for the box you ordered, and this credit will remain on your account even after the month is up.
- Free shipping for orders paid using store credit, with a minimum order value of $25.

Curve Bucks:
- Every month, you'll receive credits displayed in your account as Box$.
- Remember to use these credits before September 30, 2024, as they will expire after that date.
- On September 30, 2024, credits will reset, starting a new cycle
- Enjoy free shipping for orders paid using Curve Bucks, provided the order amount is over $25.


- You can change your payment date as needed but must do so in advance to avoid unintended charges.
- Skipping or pausing your subscription will not affect your earned credit but will result in loss of box access and free shipping.

Box Features:
- Exclusive access to box contents for one week before release to others.
- Receive one order credit equivalent to your monthly payment.
- Free shipping on two orders per month with provided codes.
- Additional credit every three months.
- Increased discounts during Black Friday and holiday sales.
- Higher promotional offers for birthdays.
- Subscription can be canceled at any time.

Payment Reminder:
- A payment reminder will be sent seven days before the 15th of each month.

Free Deliveries: (use shipping option)
- Two free local deliveries available.
- Free delivery on Saturdays and Sundays only.

Local Gold Box Member Benefits:
- One free try-on section on Saturdays and Sundays, contact customer service to set it up.

    Local Delivery Areas:

    - Clinton, MS, Bolton, MS, Edwards, MS, Byram, MS, Jackson, MS, Madison, MS, Ridgeland, MS, and Raymond, MS. 

                                                     Support Contact info:


    7 am-9 pm central time.

    Do a Contact us 

    You can call or text us at 601-500-6015 between the hours 

    You may also use the chat.